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Based in Frisco, TX

Sugared Bake Shop

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Hi! I’m Jenni, and I’m the owner of Sugared Bake Shop. I decided to open my home bakery when my son finished high school and headed to college. It was perfect timing! My husband and I are North Texas natives and currently live in Frisco, Texas. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I truly love and enjoy. I look forward to creating amazing treats for years to come! When considering ordering from my bakery, here are the most important things I need you to know. Integrity is foundational to my baking business! Customers should be able to have full confidence in the one who is preparing their cakes! You have chosen my bakery for your special occasion - that’s an honor! Cleanliness in my home bakery is essential! Cleanliness when preparing food is something that has ALWAYS been non-negotiable for me. Ingredients matter . Good quality ingredients are so important to me. I don’t buy the cheapest ingredients for my baked goods to save money. Quality ingredients are generally more expensive for a reason. If you look at the labels of the ingredient list I use vs. the ingredient list of a cake that is bulk produced at a big box store, you’ll find a staggering difference. If quality ingredients aren’t necessarily a priority for you, I might not be the right bakery for you! And that’s okay! This is how I roll at Sugared Bake Shop, and it’s important for my customers to know the value of what they’re getting when they order from me. Everything at Sugared Bake Shop is homemade! From the scratch cakes to the marshmallow fondant, everything is made in house. I firmly believe that cakes can look beautiful AND taste incredible, too!! Thanks for checking out Sugared Bake Shop! I hope to serve you soon!!
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